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The Incredible Success and Failure of Ibrahimović

Currently playing for LA Galaxy, Zlatan Ibrahimović has fans all over the world. In addition to being a fantastic football player, he also has an infectious personality off the pitch. He is well known for his interesting facial expressions and sharp tongue, yet this doesn’t stop him from being very popular.

Of his generation, he is one of the highest scoring players and has many successes throughout his footballing career. You can find out many of the player’s stats here.

Zlatan was born in Sweden and began playing football when he was 6. The first contract he signed was with Malmo in 1996, and even then he was showing the potential of being a fantastic player.

He has already won an incredible number of awards. He was the Player of the Year five times. He also won the Swedish Footballer of the Year award 10 times. In addition, he has won Sports Personality of the Year twice and Top Scorer five times, across different top leagues in Europe. These stats alone show that people are recognizing what an incredible player he is.

He also won a number of honors and awards with his various teams, including the Europa League in the 2016-2017 season and FIFA Club World Cup in 2010. He appeared at the World Cup twice, and also recorded 4 appearances at the FIFA European Cup.

However, he has not been so successful in the Champions League. Throughout his sparkling career, Zlatan Ibrahimović is yet to have a Champions League trophy.


This was the player’s first shot at the Champions League. He had just arrived to play for Ajax from his hometown, young and full of hope for the season ahead. Unfortunately, this first shot of success was very short-lived. The team was defeated at the qualifying stages by the Scottish team Celtic and then was defeated by Copenhagen in the second round of the UEFA Cup. His potential as a player still shone through, however, despite these losses in the early stages of his career.


Playing still for the same team the following year, he and his teammates had a better season but were knocked out of the Champions League by Milan in the quarter-finals.


This year, Ajax was expected to progress far, however, Ibrahimović was again out of the Championship before the New Year. They only won two matches and lost another four, one of which again was against Milan.


This was the year that Zlatan decided it was time to move on from Ajax. The move took him to Italy to play for Juventus, having been bought for $12 million. Juventus’ dreams to win the Champions League were cut short when it played against Liverpool, who followed on with this success and won the competition.


Still playing for the same team, Zlatan’s curse continued as a game against Arsenal meant they were out of the competition for yet another year.


In the summer of 2006, Ibrahimović moved again, this time over to Inter Milan for just less than £20 million. However, his new team lost in the Champions League at the last-16 round.


In this season, it was Milan’s turn to be thwarted by Liverpool, although at least this time Zlatan managed to find the net and scored a total of five goals in the Champions League.


This was the third year in a row that Inter Milan had lost in the last 16 round, this time to Manchester United.


For a huge sum of money, Zlatan decided to seek success and begun playing for Barcelona. This must have been one of his most painful losses to date, as Barcelona was defeated by the team that he just left. Despite playing well, this must have been quite a loss to take.


Seeing as his move to Barcelona had been unsuccessful, the player moved on again, this time to AC Milan. Yet, quite unbelievably, the same ill fate occurred. Ibrahimović was forced to watch as Barcelona won the Championship, the team he had just left. AC Milan lost to Tottenham.


The following season it was Barcelona that knocked AC Milan out of the competition, although this season the player really was on top form, scoring five times in the Champions League.


Despite the fact that he had switched teams yet again, this time to play for Paris Saint-Germain, Ibrahimović lost again to his former teammates in Barcelona.


This season, Zlatan was on top form, scoring eight goals in the competition. The team managed to win 3-1 against Chelsea at home but unfortunately lost 2-0 at Stamford Bridge in the second leg of the quarter-finals.


This season, Ibrahimović got sent off when playing against Chelsea. Since he was one of the best players on his team, this affected Paris Saint-Germain drastically and the team recorded another loss. It seemed like the curse of the Champions League continued to follow Zlatan Ibrahimović.


Paris Saint-Germain was out in the quarter-finals this year, playing against Manchester City.


Manchester United missed out the 2016-2017 Champions League season, qualifying for and eventually winning the Europa League.

Despite scoring a total of 48 goals throughout his career in the competition, 38 of which came in the group stage, he is yet to manage to get his hands on the very wanted trophy. In fact, the furthest that he ever progressed in the competition was in the 2009-2010 season while he was still with Barcelona and lost to Inter Milan.


After enduring a not-so-exciting second season with Manchester United, the Swede decided to make a move away from the European continent. He agreed to join MLS franchise, LA Galaxy where he made his debut in remarkable fashion by scoring a wondergoal and then also scoring the game’s winning goal.


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