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Did Someone Say All Star Game in the Premier League?

Fantasy is good… And you only get them in good moments. They are meant to be a wild imagination of your biggest desires, and more often than not, don’t come to reality. When they however do, they end up been a fulfillment of our wildest dreams which they actually are.

On one Sunday in February, Romelu Lukaku, whet football fans appetite, first with an efficient performance of strength and precision then capping it off with a suggestion that could change the landscape of world football.

Why not an all star game? North v South. A friend of mine jumped at conclusions claiming Lukaku thought he’d get into the Northern team in the Premier League. I responded sharply, informing him Red Rom may not have even thought it like that.

The idea of the NBA All Star game was birthed in the NBA in 1951 after the Major League Baseball All Star game. The best players from the eastern and western conferences entertain their fans with end-to-end court action, providing in the end, monstrous scorelines, fancy moves and entertainment. It’s so big, it’s considered one of the biggest dates in the NBA calendar – if not the biggest.

The NBA All Star weekend showcases the glamour of the courts and the fun that goes with it in the thick of a season’s schedule. It’s bringing together of the creme de la creme of the society as well as those across the divide shows its more than just basketball. In simple words, it’s nobody’s raison d’etre.

There are no kerfuffles. Just fun. The fans, media and players pick the players. The statsmen pick the coaches based on their defensive record for a game where defense is the first form of attack.

The All-star game in itself is the grand finale of a weekend of Celebrity games, Slam dunk contests, Three Point contests and a Rising Stars challenge game.This begs a question as to the ends of these events. The All Star game proceeds are donated to Charity.

In fact, it generates a huge viewership that save those who watch from home, attendances at All Star arenas keep soaring. Thanks NBA All star game events help players develop as individuals. Steph Curry became known as a three point King following his victory at the 2015 three point contest.

He hasn’t looked back. Same for Klay Thompson. Players who have starred at the Rising Challenge games are going on to have great careers as the world is now aware of the talent and pays closer attention to the players.

I know you would ask what effect it would have on football or on the Premier League. Some players may never get to play with some players in their careers. The All star game would ultimately reduce that possibility.

My Premier League All Star Team Selection (North)

Who wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of seeing Salah and Kevin de Bruyne together, or Ozil placing the ball on a plate for Harry Kane. It’s the one game where all rivalry is pushed to one side to give a part of the country bragging rights over the other.

This kind of idea is one which fits the football profile perfectly. A Premier League All Star weekend would smirk of gold. The revenues it would generate alone would go through the roof. Not to mention should it be a global event whereby venues would be various stadia across the world.

My Premier League All Star Team Selection (South)

It would not only boost what is a great profile for the PL in foreign markets, it will also add a gloss which may seem to be missing.

I will pay anything to see Ryan Giggs, Ji Sung Park,  Cristiano Ronaldo, Alan Shearer and Steven Gerrard on the same team for a legends game. What about seeing the likes of Dominics Calvert-Lewin & Solanke, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Phil Foden on a team against their colleagues from the other side of the county: Eddie Nketiah, Chelsea’s loan farm (those guys need it in particular) et al.

We all want to see some combos which may seem fanciful, one only possible on our FPL teams. It is one of those fantasies which could come through, one only brought to life by a footballer who inspired his team to a crucial win. Thanks Red Rom.


Speaking of an All Star Team, how would you set up your side if you had the chance? Which players will make your North/South All Star team selection and which players will miss out? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Author: Tosin Adesina

A football purist.

Tosin Adesina
A football purist.

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