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Matters Arising: Can You Answer These Premier League Questions Too?

Following how events turned out on Boxing Day, a panel of ForTheGoal pundits look critically into the fallout of Boxing day Premier League games as we ask and answer some Premier League questions.

Season of Good Cheer in Premier League. Image courtesy Goal

Q: Let’s talk about Bournemouth’s contentious equalizer against West Ham. on what count should a centre-referee over-rule his assistant referee’s decison on something as obvious as an offside call?

Offside or Not? IMAGE courtesy Skysports

ME: Clearly controversial.. Type that could affect the season of either club in the long run…Asides being off, I also felt it looked like an handball…

FJ: Highly contentious. He is interfered with play. However,The referee has a right to overrule the linesman. The linesman is only there to assist in making informed choices.

VN: I’ve said it before that a centre referee can overrule his assistant but some persons disagree. I’m glad that some persons are seeing that there is still much to learn about football and rules.

Q:  The race for the Top 4: It may yet be early days but, which teams are U tipping to end the season in the top 4 of the Premier League table?

OM: City, Chelsea, United, Spurs
FJ: City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs. I have knocked off United because Mourinho keeps wearing them out with his comments. An 8-point deficit is now 15, If he continues like this, they might sink without a trace.

McEpha: City, ManUtd, Chelshea,Spurs

VN: I am keeping that close to my chest.

Q: Has Harry Kane outgrown Tottenham – and the Premier League? Is it time to move on to “greener pastures”?

The Harry Kane Team and its star man. Image courtesy Harry Kane @HKane

FJ: Hmmmm.  Sure… What else do you want him to prove in PL? Score 50goals in a season? Because I am sure he can

McEpha: Outgrown Spurs.. I think so too. Outgrown EPL? I’m not sure tho

LF: Outgrow indeed. Harry is good but his first two goals was served on a platter. The last goal was one Lord Bendtner ‘could’ score as he had only one defender and goalie to beat… On his own, he’s good, but the team does well for him too.. So saying “outgrow” is a disrespect to the team…

Q: Do you, like Jose Mourinho think Manchester United is not spending (did not spend) enough?

Why arent we spending our money?

OM: They did, just on the wrong players. Its a classic case of buying the right tools for the wrong purpose.

FJ: They spent…  In fact they spent more than enough… They dont have the manager who has interest in developing players. He can point at City all he likes, He has got to look at the players City bought and wonder if they havent improved under Guardiola.

McEpha: Overspent… The Moaner is the obvious problem that needs solving here.

VN: This is nonsense really. Mourinho wanted 4 players and he was given all of them. What else does he want? The man is not that kind of manager and this is why some of us never wanted him. He is yet to get a rhythm about the team. He is yet to get a formation that works for him. Improvisation might have worked in his time at Chelsea but not any longer. Pep has shown that you can be strategic, have belief in a beautiful way of playing football and win games. This Pep one league will outshine a lot of people because of the way he is going about the win. It is possible to play good football and win games. I’m glad that I didn’t see the both the Bristol and Burnley games. United is better than this.

Can you answer these Premier League questions in your own way? Leave us a comment or two and let us hear your opinions too.

Do you have your questions too? Kindly drop them in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you.

Author: Tosin Adesina

A football purist.

Tosin Adesina
A football purist.

4 thoughts on “Matters Arising: Can You Answer These Premier League Questions Too?

  1. No doubts Harry Kane has outgrown Tottenham. He needs to move to a bigger club with big ambitions where he can stand a chance if wining trophies every season and personal honors. I think he is the best striker in the world at the moment.

    1. No doubts, Ayomide Matthew. We also think he’s currently the best striker in the world.

  2. Mourinho has lost the grip of the team in my opinion, players are low on confidence, in fact I cannot explain how Henrikh Mhiktaryan lost his confidence. His comments off the pitch in a way has affected the team psychologically such that they cannot even believe they can secure a win at home .

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