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Tottenham: The ‘Nearly’ Men

Wonder how Arsenal fans feel everytime their good season is ruined by the normal December collapse or how Gerrard felt after that slip? That’s exactly what defines Tottenham everyday, millennial bottlers.

I would say – with all kinds of pun intended – that they won’t even spur themselves to do better to save anyone’s life or better still, their own lives if it depended on it. I would call them the nearly men but they don’t even go close to do whatever is required.

Simply put, they aren’t ruthless enough and for a team with a chicken (or rooster?) on its badge, that speaks volumes.

Against Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final, it was evident that Pochettino’s men didn’t have that little extra something to banish the terrible history and make a new start. And this was despite dominating possession and looking very promising in the game.

Why not be a shark? Why play chicken when you’re on the verge of flying consistently?

Pochettino has crafted a well coached team from a fantastic set of enthusiastic players,  but isn’t that the same thing Harry Redknapp did back in the days?

If you want to be champions, to make history, there are no excuses. A certain type of ruthlessness is necessary! Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona, Ancelotti’s Real Madrid. You leave no margins for failure.

But, it’s been a different case with Tottenham, who despite having a promising team lack the much needed ruthlessness.

So far this season,  Chelsea has time and time again shown their ruthlessness this season; during Mourinho’s time; during Ancelotti’s time; everytime they won the league; and when they won the Champions League!

Manchester United too during Sir Alex’s reign at the Theatre of Dreams! Same with the great Milan teams, Madrid, Barcelona, any great team that you can think of.

Top teams get results whether the odds are with or against them. They defy the odds, that’s why they are the ones that catch our fancy.

Most definitely, there is a stuff champions are made off. And Tottenham Hotspur, in their make up, lack that fabric.
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