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This Week’s Real MVP: Old Friends, New Foes


Champions League week and it was, sometimes in the news, more of the reunions than of the games at hand. This week on Real MVP, I’ve picked out two players who showed up their former friends to remind us that the memories and moments shared don’t matter when it comes to playing football.

Switched allegiance

Álvaro Morata vs Real Madrid
When Real Madrid was paired up with Juventus, the Spanish giants must have, in some way, been licking their lips no thanks to the ‘favourable’ dish UEFA served them. They had been here before and then they did job clean! Come Gameday, the current champions were stunned by friendly fire. Alvaro finished off an effort from Tevez to put the Juve in the lead; a lead that helped Madrid to lose the game 2 – 1.

Mentor et Protegé

Lionel Messi vs Pep Guardiola
Reunion day. Pep was returning to his former hunting ground: a ground where he killed many dreams and slaughtered many teams. He was also coming back to meet his one-time mudering machine: Messi. He had touted the Argentine as being ‘unstoppable’ (who better to say than the man who wielded the machine himself). Matchday, and Barca was all over the place. One man wasn’t to be denied his usual shine. Lionel Messi put two past Guardiola’s men in the space of three minutes; putting Barcelona on course for the final, making a mess of Boateng and also of Pep’s reunion.

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