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These Awards and their Controversies

Hip hop or hip-hop, is a culture and art movement that is believed to have been created by African Americans, Latino Americans and Caribbean Americans in New York City. It is mainly seen as rap, even though it is just another element of hip hop.

In Nigeria, Hip Hop is the rave, with dancehall and street hop extremely popular amongst her youth. Its infusion of slangs with simple hooks and quite mundane lyrics seem danceable enough to, unlike rap, which basically is content, flow, and delivery, passing messages about society and well, beef. A lingua used to describe a quarrel between two rappers. Nigeria wouldn’t be the same in 2015, when a popular website released her list of top rappers. Causing “beef” amongst the rappers. Basically, the question to why one made the list over the other.

I’d liken the scenario to the recently released golden Boy 20 by Italian media house Tuttosport, with questions everywhere and more tellingly eyebrows raised. Like the rapper list; what basis have they been selected?

How did they deliver content? Which in this case I’d liken to a footballer’s style.

Their flow, which is football in motion, their ability when they are in zen mode;

Their delivery, which basically is end product.

There is also the consistency to stay relevant. Not always highlighted, but perhaps the most important ingredient of all.

No Beef Here…

There is no beef here, but really there are contentious positions, taken by the award organizers based on the last ingredient.

As the elders say; “obe to dun, owo lopa”, that is the sweet stew is influenced by money.

Tuttosport say any player nominated for the award must have been in Europe for a year. In the 20, some names easily become questionable; Rodrygo Goes, only moved to Europe in July.

Based on consistency of performance which is pegged at one year, Ansummane Fati should not smell the list. He’d only been active four months, so much for credibility. Ironic, given that he wasn’t even in the original 100 or 40.

Rapping isn’t fun at all? Football isn’t either.

You would wonder how top magazine houses like Bild (Germany), Blick (Switzerland), A Bola (Portugal), l’Équipe (France), France Football (France), Marca (Spain), Mundo Deportivo (Spain), Ta Nea (Greece), Sport Express (Russia), De Telegraaf (Netherlands), and The Times (United Kingdom) would make such decisions.

While Each juror is allowed to nominate five players, the juror will allocate 10 points to the player that they perceive as the most impressive, 7 for second, 5 third, 3 fourth, and 1 point for fifth most impressive; a reflection of the subjectivity of the award.

It is strange that the French tabloids don’t rate Victor Osihmen, the current top scorer in the French Ligue 1 and had 20goals the season previous. He is 20 and under 21.

Samuel Chukwueze’s exclusion is all the more puzzling, A player with more end product than Vinicius jr and Ferran Torres. Travesty at its peak.

The award is still some days away, but controversy already reign supreme.





Author: Tosin Adesina

A football purist.

Tosin Adesina
A football purist.

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