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Sunderland: How Have the Not-So-Mighty Fallen

So here I am with a “borrow borrow make me shine” laptop and me trying to get a thought that crept into my head while driving home from work. You might be wondering what my title is all about; well it’s about the not so mighty Sunderland AFC.

I would not do the regular “growing up, I loved one team” speech, that would be a lie, but I know I had always loved the stadium of light. It had that catchy ring, just like theatre of dreams and Highbury. Well it hurts to see Sunderland go down, but can we say it has been coming.

83million in wage bill and yet they cannot pose a single threat to a single opposition. You would say that is quite sad, right? But I am not in awe, as I have seen squad depth more financially improved play a load of crap. So who do we blame? The Clubs management, the manager, players, backroom staff?

David Moyes:

Well I have never been a fan of this man’s tactics and frankly, I always felt he’d be the first manager to get the boot this season. But how he held on till this point beats me. 

I guess you really can afford to overlook certain losers who work for you. Indecisive, slow, lack of desire and clueless, personally I think I have a beef with him but then, if you look back on 10years of history, Sunderland have gone highest as 13th and that tells you something. 

I believe it’s the duty of a manage to look at the past, study the present as soon as possible and , make the necessary adjustments for the future and moyes has not done that for me. Well you can blame it on lack of funds to buy world class players, but I gave up on that excuse when Leicester decided to pull a “Leicester” on the whole world. 

Club Management

They come in second, simply because they have not arrested the situation of the club as they should have.  

Yes, employing a manger is the first step which they did. Secondly, help put with funding and in that area they have failed, rather it’s the tales of mismanagement of funds that hits the news. 

I wouldn’t bother you with all the details, but the club’s management has let the team down by shedding all the responsibility to the manager alone, and that has cost them. 

The Players

Save for Defoe and Pickford, if I had my way I’d send all the players to a corporal punishment camp. Cast your mind back on Cisse, Jones, Gyan, Bent, Johnson (cooling off in jail I guess) Bardsley, Richardson and even Bendtner; these set of players had the burning desire to score goals and also help the team, something lacking in the set of players they have now.

 I’d love to see what follows in the Skybet League and I’ll be making it a duty to follow up on their matches.

This time last year we were saying goodbye to Norwich and Newcastle, with the Black Cats in the mix. But I guess this time the Black Cats are gone for good – probably best for them – and it’s a good time to think and re-evaluate, then probably come back stronger.

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Rotimi "Papi the Great" Daramola
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