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Sebastian Vettel: Beginning of an End or Just a Rough Patch?

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So I’ve had so much anger and hurt in me this past days, *eish* izzz some personal sturvs. So I decided to channel it into creative writing and long attend to all unfinished posts in my archive and boy are they many. Guess I’ll be dolling them out bit by bit.

The Japanese GP has come and gone. While it was yet another podium finish for Daniel Ricciardo, Lewis Hamilton won the race. This meant that he has now won 4 of his last 5 races.  Before this race, a thought went through my mind and a question popped: HAS VETTEL HIT THE ROUGH EDGE or THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END? *dan dan dan* ominous tune.


A certain Spanish driver, born July 29, 1981, a double world champion, currently in McLaren Honda, and at a point in time held the title of being the greatest Formula 1 driver in the history of the sport. We know who holds that title now, and clearly it isn’t him. We all know Fernando Alonso is not coming back to the peak anytime soon and with age clearly not on he’s side, retirement is on the cards.

Flash forward to the present. Ferraris Finest and German born driver, four-time F1 champion,  the only potential dark knight to the reign of terror of Britain’s finest, one of  only four drivers to win four or more titles, and also laying claim to the title, greatest Formula 1 driver in the history of the sport. Are you noticing the pattern?

Every single year, is slightly termed the year Sebastian Vettel crushes Lewis. But then something always comes up and blows it all away.  The year 2016 seemed to be a pretty decent year, with Vettel always grabbing in on the action and grabbing a few pole positions and podium finishes, and also making sure he stayed relevant.

All the while, expected champion Hamilton stuttered, struggled and crawled till the end. Then there was Nico Roseberg who came and took it away and, as if that wasn’t enough, rode off into the sunset – to the disappointment of Hamilton, I believe.


Sebastian Vettel had a fine start to a competitive 2017. There were podium finish in the first set of races and he was at some point leading the way in the title race. Now, the tables have turned. The German is back in second place. A few wrong calls, a few crashes and a reinvigorated Hamilton can sure put a dent in your title chances, right?

With Lewis storming his way to pole positions time and time again, it makes me wonder, is this another year where it goes out the window for Ferrari? Mercedes seem to be improving, detecting new faults in their engine and fixing them at great speed.

Their engineers seem to be working round the clock, and making sure the cars stay top notch. Scariest of all, Hamilton just keeps getting faster in that AMG W08 as he has set a pole and lap record on one of F1’s most difficult tracks.

3 crashes in one week and slightly escaping facing a position demotion due to breeching rules of part replacement, Sebastian, yet again, failed to finish, even after securing his first ever Suzuka pole, as he lasted just four laps before he was pulled from the fray.

The Formula1 Drivers Standings

With 59 points now seperating Vettel and Hamilton, there’s probably no more time for Sebastian to catch up – at least not this season. Yes, it’s about time Vettel showed us what the SF70-H can really do – as it is said to be stronger than the W08 on the stretch. But, the German may have to prove that to F1 fans next year as he watches Lewis Hamilton celebrate yet another F1 drivers’ title.

It’s safe to say, Lewis has this season in the bag. But what about the legend called Sebastian Vettel? Will he be able to come back next year? With Mercedes trying to finish the season 1-2 on the drivers’ standings, will Vettel be pushed out of the top three? What do you think?

Share your thoughts with me by leaving me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

PS: This piece was originally written by Bamgboye Ayodele and edited by ForTheGoal.

Rotimi "Papi" Daramola
Rotimi Daramola aka Papi is the owner of ForTheGoal. A freelance sports writer who focuses on football, Rotimi is also a freelance writer, a copywriter and a football analyst who regularly appears on radio to talk football. You can follow him on twitter @rotdav to keep up with his writings and also find out about how you can secure his writing services.

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