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LOANly Deadline Day?

Transfer windows in the football world have always been dramatic right from time. No matter the league, you can be guaranteed that at least one “crazy” move will occur once that window is opened.

And the craziness usually drags on until the window is “almost closed.” At this point, clubs begin to scramble and fall over each other in a last-day bid to push through deals before the deadline. And with the 11th-hour rush comes drama. De Gea, Manchester United and Real Madrid acted one out for us recently.


The deadline day, this time around, had a different kind of drama. It seemed like almost all the business concluded on the day were loan deals! Dramatic right? See if you can spot the players that stand A LOAN:

Loaned Out: Nasri offloaded to Sevilla... But still a Man. City player
Loaned Out: Nasri offloaded to Sevilla… But still a Man. City player
Another list... of loanees!
Another list… of loanees!



Photo Credits: Sky Sports

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2 thoughts on “LOANly Deadline Day?

  1. It was a different deadline day for sure. I know as a Liverpool fan the only headline I was waiting for was bye bye Balotelli, but was having a blast watching all the Man City players being sent away

  2. Lol! I know of a couple of friends who are Reds who leapt for joy at the Balotelli news.

    I kinda had mixed feelings bout the “mass exodus” that took place in City. But then I remembered who was in charge and how many new names he brought along with him, and I understood the exodus.

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