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Chelsea’s Comic Pair Sealing Points

by Emmanuel Faith @themmanuelfaith

Life has a way of favouring the neglected. Take David , neglected in the wilderness , yet enthroned over his brothers; Jephthah, disowned by his clan, yet winning their battles; errmm, Pulisic and Batshuayi, getting crucial goals for Chelsea despite the little time given by Lampard.

For young enthusiastic English players, thoroughly brewed from the academy, prepared for times like this, it would be quite fair to say the English lads have outlived their expectations. Tammy Abraham presently sits third on EPL’s top scorers log sheet ahead of the Cunny Kane, Ratchet Rashford and Sizzling Salah.Mount has mounted different attacking roles successfully and Tomori has been a reliable defender shielding Chelsea fans from the absence of Christensen, however my focus  is on 2 Non-English players in an English Land.

Captain America and Batman?

Captain America Batman

A mega money move, the last Chelsea made before getting shackled by the ban, Christian Pulisic was tipped to be Eden Hazard’s heir and his sterling pre-season with a glistening and convincing performance against Liverpool at the Supercup created a stunning start, however, the American wasn’t allowed to sustain the momentum.

Michy Batshuayi’s case is almost similar. Forced to play second fiddle to Abraham, Michy has struggled with playing time, although he would still count himself lucky when he sees Giroud on the bench. half bread is better than none. Lampard doesn’t need a half bread, neither do the fans.

Especially, for a pair that has proved pivotal and clinical despite the paucity of opportunities, a season with four competitive competitions should let the two comic pair have more playing time

For a bromance and camaraderie that was birthed in Dortmund, An 89th-minute icing on the cake against Southampton and an 86th-minute winning goal against in-form Ajax was just a glimpse of the wonders Captain America can do with Batman, how Frank will choose to use these unnoticed weapons is a movie worth the wait.


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You can keep in touch with us on most social media platforms @iamforthegoal

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