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4 Lessons From the Chelsea v Liverpool Game (Liverpool Fan Edition)

By Tolu Aluko (@alukstea)

Chelsea hosted Liverpool in what was the game of the weekend in the Premier League.

It was a pretty intriguing game, to say the least.

During a weekend when Manchester City battered Watford, the Reds kept their cool; enough to not just win at Stamford Bridge but also keep the Citizens at bay on the log table.

City’s win was an intense statement. They seem to keep getting better. It’s not a lucky time for the Red part of the Merseyside. Why, you may ask?

Liverpool players
Another Day, Another Goal

It would have been Liverpool’s league to dominate with their style of play. However, the Citizens are making it difficult for them.

Enough of the comparisons. Let’s see some of the takeaways from the Chelsea – Liverpool game.

1. Fabinho is Liverpool Fabulator

Kante ran him ragged for the Chelsea goal. This possible, in part, because Fabinho was already on a yellow and then his legs were tired too. Asides that, the Liverpool team would have struggled without him. With exceptional performances like this one, the Kop will suffer if he spends a long time on the sidelines.

2. Tomori is Such a ‘Totori’ to Watch

I’d run out of superlatives to describe the young man. Coming from a Liverpool fan, that is a big deal. The way he handled Mohamed Salah was nothing short of apt. He let Salah have/keep the ball on his weaker foot and did not give him space for those runs. He was such joy to watch. The future is very bright for this young lad.

Aftermath of Chelsea v Liverpool game
Nothing blue about this joke

3. The Front Trio had a Very Quiet Game

They did not do so much to impose themselves on the opponent. And to think they make up an integral part of Liverpool’s core strength. Whenever they do not come up with the goods, the team struggles, conceding from lots of pressure.

4. Adrian is Bae

Getting a goalie of such repute on a free transfer is gold. Liverpool has done lots of shrewd business in recent years and this is just another one. Adrian was yet another reason why the team left Stamford bridge with 3 points, he had a brilliant game.

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You can keep in touch with us on most social media platforms @iamforthegoal

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