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Champions League Quarter Finals Aftermath: Don’t Hate the Referee, Hate the Game!

The turning-point moment: Arturo Vidal sees second yellow in Bayern Munich’s Champions League loss to Real Madrid.

After listening to arguements for and against the competence of referees, especially after the most recent Real Madrid versus Bayern Munich Quater-Final Champions League match, I came up with that title.

Do not get me wrong. I totally love the beautiful game of football. It’s almost un-hateable but, during the quarter-finals, did the referees miss key decisions? I think they did.

Infact, sometimes I think they were so blind and needed a guide dog sometimes to help them make decisions.

That being stated, we should note that there has never been a time football refereeing has been deemed good enough. Every football supporter feels that the referee is always against them even though many a times the players of their beloved teams are guilty as charged.

Football has gotten as much coverage as it is getting nowadays and all the lucrative TV deals are there to milk every single talking point there is.

If you think the referees are incompetent, it’s not their fault that they are incompetent, blame the body that hires them. Its as simple as that.

Referees have always and always will be controversial, especially in big games. But let’s look at the conditions that set these controversies up: Players act, coax and encourage referees to get on their side for every decision. Then the smallest of every decision is contested then the referees are blamed for the outcomes.

A certain “Grumpy One” would often cite referee mistakes as excuses for his sides incompetence when a match doesn’t go his way.

The associations and authorities also need to assist the referee in his duties if they want less complaints. Case in point for the video referees: if all the teams involved want it, why not introduce it? If it, improves the credibility of the game, why not bring it in?

In my opinion, if there should be blames, blame Ribery that lost chances, blame Robben and Lewandowski for not being clinical enough. Those are then fine margins for me but it’s easier to blame the referees.

We can say the referees weren’t good enough on the day. We can also make the argument that Bayern weren’t either.

The best team over two legs won it. Again it’s more justifying to blame the referee. But the beautiful game created the circumstances everyone is now complaining about – maybe not everyone.


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