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Barcelona vs Bayern: An Unconventional Summary

Dominant, Dominant, DOMINANT

It was all Barcelona. From start to finish. Their work rate was incredible. They succeeded in making Bayern look like babies. They were dominant. Their opponents, opposed to the norm, had to hang in there. They were holding on to the slim chances of a draw but they couldn’t keep up with the Catalans’ pace.

Manuel Neuer: A half good

Neuer was the first-half’s Man of the Match after making save after save that kept Neymar and co. at bay. Barca did not let Bayern play ball. I’d like to use the word DOMINANT again. They forced the Bavarians to pass back to Neuer more times than they’d usually do in games. Suarez was everywhere up front, oppressing tacitly; Neymar too with a step-over here and a flick there. Messi?


He wasn’t exactly quiet in the first half but he left his mark on the game in the second: on Neuer, on Boateng and on Guardiola too! The MSN gang tore Bayern apart from the 77th minute till the old lady sang. Messi’s double and Neymar’s late goal gave Barcelona a 3 – 0 lead going into the second leg (a deficit which, going by today’s game, the Bavarians can’t come back from in my opinion).

Outplayed by his own

Let’s dedicate this paragraph to one man: Pep Guardiola. It was the #NightmareReunion. He sneaked into the stadium from the dugout before the game began, like he knew what was coming. I think he wanted a draw and after Neymar’s icing on the cake, a sorry look and a grimmacing face from Pep said it all: Things did not go as planned.

But can you blame him? His team got outplayed on all levels by the beast of a team he created (which is now a refined beast). His team did not play like a Guardiola-led side. They played like a Mourinho army except that they played a high defense line, conceded 3 goals and there were no red cards. Enough said.

Well done Barcelona. Time to surprise me Professor Pep.

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Rotimi "Papi" Daramola
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