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[Banter] And The Special One Got Burned

I just had to use this. Mourinho will nEVA forget to remember this.

Winners don’t like to lose. Mourinho doesn’t either. I haven’t called him a winner yet but if we asked Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea again and probably Arsene Wenger, you’d probably hear the same (don’t ask Pep).

Today, I’m not talking when he lost to Barca (a whole hand tells the story plus remember that 5 – 0 El clasico drubbing? His La Liga welcome party? The Barcelona version?), today, Mourinho lost to Pellegrini (and I’m grinning). 3 – nil is probably the biggest margin he has lost by in the Premier League, but Jose has dropped too many points than he usually does after 10 games in most seasons.

Jose Mourinho got burned and I’m not talking the kind of accidentally-touch-a-hot-metal burned. Mou certainly won’t like it… but WE (Eva, Fearn and non Chelsea fans) love it. I’d love a Special reaction from the Special One and I’m sure he won’t disappoint! Oh we’d so get it!

Arsene Wenger might just like to know who a Specialist is or how to be a Specialist. Manuel Pellegrini might like to forget how to pronounce Mourinho and say ‘Moanriho’… But know both of them probably wouldn’t.

Can I mention how Manchester City tore Chelsea apart again? Read again and you’d get your story.  😉

So much for being the Special One!

Piece written by Kolawole the Banter King. Follow him on twitter @kopainzy for banters and everything that looks or sounds like it.

Rotimi "Papi" Daramola
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