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Arsene Wenger Draws First Blood!: The Community Shield Story

First goal, only goal: Chamberlain celebrates goal against Chelsea

It was the 93rd Community Shield match, the sequel to the beginning of the “self-acclaimed” biggest league in the world. It was a reunion for Cech (who looked like revenge was on his mind) and a Costa-less situation for Jose Mourinho (who was still in pre-season mode, rocking a Chelsea jersey and tracks unlike the ‘suit and tie’ Arsene was wearing) who deployed Remy up front instead.

The first ten minutes were uneventful except for the clash between Mertaseker and Fabregas in the Arsenal 18-yard box. Mourinho jumped off the bench to protest but In the end, it looked like Fabregas had started diving again.

It took 22 minutes before either goalies had any serious thing to do. An Arsenal freekick, Walcott header, Courtois save. While Chelsea were too busy playing like bullies, showing off muscle and all, Arsenal had been playing something like ‘tiki-taka’ (they need to call Guardiola for more lessons though), kicking around the ball sneakily but nothing real happened until the 23rd minute.

Whoever was marking Chamberlain allowed him to get into the Chelsea 18-yard box, hesistated for a second, allowed him to switch the ball to his left foot and EVEN still allowed him to let fly! Courtois was helpless as the ball found its way into the top-right-hand corner of his goal. Goaal! First blood drawn.

Helpless Courtois against Chamberlain's goal

Chelsea, while looking for their equalizer, were clearly missing something, let me say someone. To be more detailed: Ramires had more shots OFF TARGET, trying to score than Remy the ‘striker of the day’ who was too busy being offside and AWOL too! Costa wasn’t on the pitch. Hazard was but was ineffective. Summary of the 1st half? Mourinho’s Chelsea couldn’t function without its bullies. Arsenal discovered Chelsea’s weak spot, Azpilicueta and kept poking at it…. lol.

Mourinho brought on Falcao for the 2nd half (as expected) but sadly, things continued as they ended in the first half: More of Arsenal’s ground-level, team-splitting passes and more of Hazard’s absence and more of Chelsea’s players being caught offside.

23 minutes into the 2nd half, Mourinho had used up 3 substitutions and was still a goal down. Chelsea now played with some sense of urgency but couldn’t put one past Arsenal thanks to… (it still isn’t exactly clear for now). The scoreline stayed the same (even when Jose replaced Terry with Moses) and now Arsenal have the bragging rights of the upcoming EPL season (well, so to speak).

If this match defines what we can expect from the new EPL season, brace yourself for a lot of sleeping in the first half of MatchDays on Saturdays and Sundays, more spats between Jose and Arsene, counter-attacking football from Arsenal and more anti-injury prayers from Chelsea fans for Diego Costa :'(

"I gave my loser's medal away."

Jose ended the show by giving his medal away and showing off that he wasn’t a sore loser. He greeted the whole Arsenal players and snubbed (or was snubbed by) Arsene Wenger. Let me end this by asking: #WengerSnubOrMourinhoSnub? Share your views in the comments section below.

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