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An Analysis Of Jose Mourinho’s Post-Match Comments

Well, well, well...

“The best team in the 1st half won the game. The best team in the 2nd half was Chelsea for sure. We had a difficult 1st half, we didn’t create a lot and our goalkeeper made a few important saves. 2nd half everything was different. If the 1-0 was a doubtful result at minute 70, 3-0 is completely fake. At 1-0 Chelsea were the best team for the whole 2nd half.

They make a change because they feel 1-0 is in danger and we concede a second goal. If 1-1 a different story, their team is in trouble. Their decision to bring on (centre-back) Martin Demichelis is an intelligent change, the sort of change I get criticised for all the time. Their midfield was in trouble, probably they should finish the game with nine men. In the end I have to be happy with the second half we did. That is not enough to win the game.”

Surprised Jose? Me too!

Where do I even start? Well at least he admitted he lost in the first 45 , which in reality, is so unlike the Portugese.

Comparing the 1st half and the 2nd, Chelsea were nowhere near the best team in the 2nd half. How does the better team of the half concede two more goals and score none? Dear Mourinho, in the second half, nothing was different! The trend from the 1st half continued. It took your team 70mins to register a shot on target (how special), your goalie conceded more goals than in the 1st half (even though he was the best Chlesea player on the day) and you say your team was the half’s better side?

“We didn’t create a lot”

(another sincere truth),

“…our goalkeeper made few important saves…”

(Mou doesn’t lie) however, nothing was different( I feel like I’m ‘oversaying’ that last sentence though).

Silva still bossed the middle. Aguero still dazzled (and made you substitute Capitane Terry for the 1st time! lol). Yaya still powered through. Fabregas (fibre gas) was still lost, Ivanovic was still not at his Sterling best. Costa was still bullied by his seniors at the back. Chelsea was still outplayed. The 1-0 was never doubtful, it was a question of when the scoreline would increase. The only thing that changed at minute 70 was Chelsea’s shot on target. 3-0 wasn’t fake, it was conceded.

“They make a change because they feel 1-0 is in danger”

(it’s well within their rights and they did it so why moan if it’s not your team?).

“If 1-1…”

(well, Chelsea never looked liked scoring and City never looked in trouble.

“Their decision was intelligent…”

(so what’s your point exactly? You get criticized for packing a bus and your team has tires on the jersey as a reminder of their jobs remember?) Their midfield wasn’t in trouble, your players were, with some of them AWOL. City made excellent tackles and karma haunted some players (Sir, don’t talk about probability, you had zero points). In the end Jose, you had to be happy for the 2nd half (because you didn’t concede more). That’s not enough to win the game? (nothing your team ever did was enough to win the game).

Losing it or already lost it?

So the self-acclaimed special one has once again displayed his hypocrisy, showing off the deflection skills he’s good at. This once-great (I’m taking nothing away from his last season performance) really hasn’t been so special since he left Inter Milan, at least not yet. He simply could have said, “we couldn’t have done better, our next focus as a team is another chance to win the next 3points and my players will be itching to get the job done…” Simple and concise. Less hypocrisy and the players will have had their instructions handed to them. Jose Mourinho needs change but then again, we all do.

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