4 Key Things to Consider As You Build Your FPL Team for the Season

Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

By Kolawole Babatunde (@iamkoolkola)

The 2019/2020 Premier League season will kick off on Friday. Everyone is excited about it! So much so that fans like you have forgotten about either your team’s embarrassing performance last season or the success the season brought.

It’s a new season! Your hope as a fan is renewed, and you cannot wait to see what the future holds for this favorite team of yours.

Subsequently, you had also forgotten your awful performance in your mini FPL league last season, and you have promised to smash everyone on your way to the top spot this season. You failed to put in so much seriousness last season, and you have promised to take the FPL seriously this season to show that you are a great manager.

You are probably thinking – I have done my research properly; I have identified the undervalued gems in the market.

Not to be a joy killer, but these are the lies FPL managers tell themselves every season. A lot of managers don’t set up their teams properly at the start, and then they have to play catch-up later in the season when it might be too late.

Not to worry, we are here to help you start well this season.

1. Don’t Make Selections Based on Last Season’s Performance

The first mistake you can make while picking your team is considering points accumulation for last season without using other metrics. A perfect example is Youri Tielemans of Leicester that finished the season with 63 points.

He might be overlooked by managers due to his points total last season. However, they forget he came in during the January transfer window.

Nevertheless, his point average of 4.1 per game ranks him ninth in the league in that aspect. What’s more, he costs only £6.5m. Also, certain players were injured for a large part of last season, and it affected their points accumulation.

2. Consider the Early Run of Fixtures

We know you want to bring in the biggest stars from the start of the season, as they are likely to stand the test of time. However, it is also important to remember that you are selecting your team for the first few game weeks, and you will have transfers to use in tweaking your team every week.

With this in mind, you have to set up your team with players from teams that have favorable fixtures at the start of the season. Teams like Everton and Liverpool will not face any heavyweight side in their first five matches.

On the other hand, you have to seriously consider recruiting players from a team like Newcastle within the first five game weeks. They face Arsenal, Liverpool, and Spurs within the first five games of the season.

3. Don’t Spend Big on Your Bench

We know you have a dream team, and we understand that everyone likes a team of 15 stars. However, do not forget that you have only £100m to spend on 15 players.

The primary focus should be on getting a strong starting XI that will get you points. You can add one strong bench player and fill the other spots with value options. The only time you should consider a strong bench is when you want to make use of your Bench Boost chip.

4. Consider Set-piece and Penalty Takers

Set-piece takers are a blessing to FPL managers; they are silent weapons that are very useful. Many FPL managers do not pay attention to set-piece takers in the teams because there isn’t an official list, and they miss out on the blessing, especially the low valued ones.

A good example is Milivojevic of Crystal Palace; he netted ten premier league goals with seven coming from the penalty spot.
Now that you have gotten these tips on how to build a good team, it is time to smash everyone in your mini-league!

Remember, your wildcard is for when you need to bring in a lot of players without taking points deduction. Do not waste the chip by using it during the early days of the season due to your failure in picking a good team.

Also remember your other chips like the Bench Boost, Free Hit, and the Triple Captain. They are to be strategically used, and not just for when you are in the mood to use them.

Read the last paragraph again. It’s that important if you want to earn bragging right over your friends.

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What other points do you think I left out? Drop your comments and share your thoughts with me.

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You can keep in touch with us on most social media platforms @iamforthegoal

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